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Contemporary feminist postulates the idea that women are equal to men in intellectual ability and blames the lack of success on patriarchal preconceptions of women;this idea is contrary to modern science, ignores neuroanatomical sex-based differences and discredits rigorous IQ testing that show the differences in intellect between men and women. The difference in intellect between men and women are evident in a study that had a sample size of 320,000 school pupils, which found that "for all three tests there were substantial sex differences in the standard deviation of scores, with greater variance among boys. Boys were overrepresented relative to girls at both the top and the bottom extremes for all tests" - men are overrepresented in the upper echelons of intellect and this explains the disparity in the intellectual achievement and stem occupations between men and women (Strand et al., 2006).

Grey matter in the frontal cortex is strongly correlated with intelligence, and grey matter in the parietal and temporal lobes are positively correlated with intelligence in adults (Colom, R.; Jung, R. E.; Haier, R. J. ,2006). In men IQ grey matter correlations are strongest in the frontal and parietal lobes, and are evenly distributed (45% each), women had grey matter mostly in the frontal cortex - however this study also found that "With respect to voxel types, men had roughly 6.5 times the number of GM voxels identified as related to intellectual functioning as did women, and women had roughly nine times more WM voxels than did men_", it can be concluded that the IQ discrepancies between men and women can be attributed to neuroanatomical differences rather than patriarchy or social reasons (Haier et al., 2005).